Leftist Writer Thinks Black People Should Do This To Whites Who 'Speak Out Of Turn'

Inspired by Marvel Comic flick "Black Panther," leftist writer Damon Young suggested that minorities use a bizarre method from the comic's fictional African nation Wakanda, barking at "problematic white dudes" who "speak out of turn," to force their silence.

Really. Barking.

"One thing ... we can and definitely should start doing is what M’Baku and his Que Dog Jabari tribe did when encountering a problematic white dude who was speaking when there was no ask or need or purpose for the thoughts and opinions of problematic white dudes," wrote Young at The Root. "Bark."

The bark should be "targeted," "overpowering" and "drowning," he explained.

Here's what the bark should communicate, per Young:

Um, who told you that you can speak? When it is time for your words, we will let you know. And maybe that time will never come. We’ll see. Now, just shut up and stand there. Maybe get on your phone and Google "How not to be a colonizer." Whatever you do, I want to hear you not speaking.

Black people should not just bark at whites speaking out of turn, he says, but also at whites who touch black people's hair or refuse "to step aside when you attempt to walk past them" on the sidewalk, for example:

"The bark doesn’t just have to be a counter for useless words, either. A wayward white hand reaches for your hair? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! A group of white people huddled on a sidewalk refuses to step aside when you attempt to walk past them? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! A purse is clutched when you walk on an elevator? WOOF! WOOF! WOOF! (If they’re going to act scared, you might as well give them a reason to be.)" writes Young.

"I’m announcing the opening of the M’Baku School of Wakandan White Silencing," concluded the leftist.

So much racial harmony.

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