WATCH: Jill Stein Loses Control Over Allegations That Russians Helped Her Campaign

Russian influence was bad, she admits, but not as bad as all the free airtime Donald Trump got.

Last week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller made the shocking claim that several Russian operatives helped Green Party candidate Jill Stein's campaign gain traction online in an effort to send the 2016 American presidential election swirling into chaos — and Jill Stein isn't a fan of media bringing it up.

The revelations aren't much of a shock, particularly considering that Stein spent time in Russia during her bid to become the nation's first Green Party president, and was even, at one point, pictured at a gala, seated with Russian President Vladimir Putin and disgraced Trump transition team member, former Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, who is facing his own indictment.

But Jill Stein still wasn't happy when, over the weekend, an MSNBC anchor broached the subject of Russian help.


Stein doesn't seem too worried about the help she received from a foreign entity hellbent on illegally meddling in an American election. She's more concerned with how much airtime MSNBC — a network that does not, in fact, support President Donald Trump — gave to Trump during the election, as compared to how much it gave her, a third-tier candidate who barely registered in the popular vote count.

“Let me say we were aware of other kinds of interference," Stein shot at the anchor. "For example, we know that $6 billion in free airtime was given to Donald Trump by the big networks. Six billion, this was twice as much as Hillary Clinton’s campaign and four times as much as Bernie Sanders’ campaign and way more than the independent candidates,

Not content to simply blame the media for her poor performance — and not, say, her thoughts on vaccines — Stein then blamed Hillary Clinton, claiming that she and her pals had "rigged" the Democratic primary so that neither she nor Bernie Sanders had a shot at winning.

“The point I am making here, Alex, is we don’t want to miss the forest here through the trees. Yes, there was Russia interference but there was compelling interference going on by way of media and the DNC. Did the DNC did not rig the primaries?” Stein snapped.

When the anchor pointed out that it's possible Stein could have, even unintentionally, helped the Russians in their quest to control American elections because, after all, Stein was the only presidential candidate to sit down with, and have a direct line to, Russian officials, Stein attacked the news media again.

“Well, they did not assist me in any way,” Stein, who was agitated almost to the point of a nervous breakdown, screamed. “There was an effort being made to try to degrade my campaign, that was what was going on here. You had two political parties that are scared of their opposition because they saw a revolt.”

Few people were worried about a revolt led by Jill Stein, of course, but don't tell her that.


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