WATCH: Comedy Skit Features Fans Who Want MORE Politics In Their Sports

We The Internet, a "political and comedy news channel," uploaded a video recently, titled "The Fans Who Want More Politics In Sports." The video takes a look at a fictional group of sports fans who not only praise kneeling NFL players, but crave more political commentary from their sports.

"And that’s just football. What about hockey?" one fan asks. "Wouldn’t it be amazing if right before the puck drops, we hear a debate about trans rights?"

Another fan suggests: "How about this: after committing a penalty, instead of hockey players just sitting in the penalty box until their time is up, they should be required to write a think-piece on income inequality."

After a third fan states that an athlete not using their "platform to give voice to the voiceless" is the same as "violence," his fellow panelists all snap their fingers in agreement.

Take a look:


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