Chris Cuomo: Ted Cruz On Fox News ‘Mothership’ Because He Doesn’t Want To Talk About Gun Control

On Thursday, while speaking with former Rep. David Jolly, CNN’s Chris Cuomo slammed multiple Republican lawmakers, including Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), for failing to appear on his show following the Florida shooting:

What are they afraid of? ... The mistake we've been making is, we don't say by name the lawmakers of that particular state and what they have done or refused to do. So this morning, let's undo the mistake.

... Rubio calls it an inexplicable tragedy. It is the most easily explained tragedy you can have. He knows why this happens. And then you have Ted Cruz – none would come on this morning, Jolly. You would, but that’s because you’re on the right side of this argument. They're all on Fox, the mothership, because they don't want to be asked about this. What are they afraid of?

Cuomo added: "It’s your voters. People will come out, Jolly, and they will vote on their Second Amendment rights, or their ill-conceived notions of what that freedom is about and why it’s important to them in today’s society."

Cuomo later tweeted a story from The Hill, which referenced his calling out GOP lawmakers:

His colleague, Brian Stelter, echoed the sentiment:

Cruz didn’t care for these accusations, especially because he’d spoken with CNN, promoting legislation he’d sponsored that would help keep students safe:

You can read the Grassley-Cruz legislation in its entirety here.

The proposal addresses numerous gun-related issues, including problems with the NICS system. The key point Cruz appears to be referencing in his tweet is the following, which is taken directly from the summary of the bill on Cruz’s official website: "Address school safety by Reauthoriz[ing] the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Secure our Schools Program through 2023."

Fox News reports that CNN has decided to "air the interview on Friday afternoon."

After Cruz’s tweets, Cuomo hit back:

When Twitter users claimed that Cruz was unwilling to appear on “New Day” because Cuomo is "twice the lawyer" he is, and because he "won’t cross the NRA," Cuomo responded:

As of publication, Sen. Cruz hasn’t responded to Cuomo’s additional tweets.


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