ISIS Flag Raised At Utah High School

"We do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to ISIS"

Mysteriously and without warning, a flag representing the nearly-defeated ISIS appeared in place of the American flag at a high school in Hurricane, Utah on Thursday morning.

Hurricane police have been working in concert with the FBI to determine why the flag had been raised. Ken Thompson, a spokesman for the Hurricane Police Department, said authorities don’t know if the perpetrator was a student or an outsider.

"Officers have received tips this morning and they’re following those leads, and so far they haven’t generated a credible lead, but tips can help us out a lot,” he said.

After hours of investigation and analysis by federal agents, authorities ruled out the possibility that actual ISIS affiliates raised the flag.

"[B]ased on information we received from the FBI we do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to the Islamic State," Hurricane PD said in a statement. "This investigation is ongoing and investigators will continue to follow-up on leads."

That being said, it is still inconclusive as to whether or not the act of vandalism had any ideological motivations or was a mere prank. The possibility of multiple perpetrators has not been ruled out.

Simultaneously, a wall of the school had been spray-painted with the words "ISIS is COMI."

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, "The graffiti has been removed, as has the flag bearing the terrorist group’s black and white symbol. A new American flag has been hoisted after the old one, left on school grounds, was damaged, the release said."

School has also resumed classes as usual with no plans for any emergency sessions. Police do not believe students are in any danger.


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