WATCH: Drug Smugglers Throw $23 Million In Cocaine Overboard Trying To Evade Coast Guard

On Tuesday, a video was released that appears to show drug smugglers throwing thousands of pounds of cocaine off a "go-fast" boat as they attempted to evade capture by the U.S. Coast Guard.

A boarding team from the Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton interdicted a go-fast vessel in international waters on February 4, 2018, in the Pacific Ocean near Central America, the Daily Mail reports.

The suspects were reportedly apprehended. Authorities seized more than 1,800 pounds of cocaine worth over $23 million.

"The Cutter Hamilton is a 418-foot US national security boat that has its home port in Charleston, South Carolina," the Mail notes. Like other similar national security vessels operating in the drug transit zones, the Hamilton regularly offloads multi-ton quantities of cocaine worth hundreds of millions of dollars seized while it is being transported from South America to the United States.



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