NYT Writer Celebrates Immigration With A Joke. Leftists In Her Own Newspaper Go INSANE.

On Monday, New York Times staff editor Bari Weiss threw off a jocular tweet about the amazing performance of figure skater Mirai Nagasu, who became the first American woman to land a triple axel in the Olympics. Pointing out that Nagasu’s parents were immigrants from Japan — and paraphrasing the musical Hamilton — she tweeted, “Immigrants: they get the job done.”

This pro-immigration message, however, set off howls across the Leftist internet — because, you see, Nagasu was born in the United States. These Leftists suggested that somehow Weiss was a racist, and that she had simply assumed Nagasu’s immigration status based on her Asian descent. Weiss fired back: “Wow, this is utterly breathtaking in its bad faith. Her parents are immigrants. And my tweet was obviously meant to celebrate her accomplishments. Perhaps you’d be more comfortable with an outlet like Think Progress making the same point.” She then linked to the far-left website, which headlined, “Many of the Winter Olympics’ US team wouldn’t be here without immigration.”

So, this is where we now are. If you praise immigration, but you do so in too jocular a fashion, you’re a member of the enemy.

Even at your own publication.

On Wednesday, The Huffington Post revealed that the mean girls at The New York Times were deeply upset with Weiss, who happens to be a centrist who doesn’t follow the Democratic Party line at every turn. One of the members of the Times staff apparently leaked a Slack conversation between various Times staffers. Here were some of the snarky idioicies:

STAFFER 1: I guess it’s too much to expect to even expect a “we’re sorry you’re offended” apology since asians don’t matter

STAFFER 2: (and she’s being untruthful about having misquoted the song)

STAFFER 1: i guess you get full twitter privileges at the nyt when you are consistently factually wrong…sorry, but I felt that tweet denied Mirai her full citizenship just as the internment did, and nothing will be done because no one was offended! (since we don’t count)

STAFFER 3: i was offended! i think a lot of people here were.

STAFFER 4: Agree with [STAFFER 3]. I was offended at her tweet…

STAFFER 1: and frankly microaggressions and people being obtuse cut the deepest. and this is DAILY…the diversity efforts here are nothing but lip service.

The transcript goes on like this for pages. The staffers lament the lack of implicit bias training (which has been a consistent failure). They whine about “poaching stars and nepotism.” They complain that if they’re too loud, they might be “blacklisted for promotions.”

This is the world of the elite media: a place where not being sufficiently morose about immigration — even while celebrating it! — is considered something so deeply offensive that those who joke must pay. And then the media wonder why the middle of the country finds them so insufferable?

The problem for the Times isn’t Bari Weiss. It’s the fact that their staff is apparently filled with refugees from the Graduate School Of Victimology, who spend their days finding new ways to feel upset with the world — even with those who are on their own side.


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