Abortion Advocates Panicked By Pro-Life Centers Succeeding On Google

Abortion advocates have good reason to panic, if a piece written this week by an abortion supporter has validity.

According to the article by Robin Marty, when women in 20 American cities asked Google where they could get an abortion in their neighborhoods, the result was often the names of pro-life pregnancy centers along with abortion clinics.

That troublesome news for abortion advocates was trumpeted by various news outlets.

Jay Hobbs notes at pregnancyhelpnews.com:

Marty goes on to explain that Google uses a complex and proprietary algorithm drawing from a variety of factors to yield top search results. Pregnancy centers and abortion businesses compete on a level playing field where anyone can purchase an ad, build search-engine optimization (SEO) and more. Somehow missing from both Marty’s reporting and that of her fellow travelers is the fact that Google prioritizes—as much as any other factor—actual feedback from former clients via its Google My Business.

Marty concludes:

After being presented with the results from the searches, Google agreed to investigate why the CPCs are being included in the abortion search queries. … But until Google can close their loopholes, abortion opponents will continue to manipulate and game the search results algorithm system. And it is the people struggling to find a place to easily and legally end a pregnancy who remain the ultimate losers.

Hobbs also offers more good news: “In 2017, for example, over 350,000 women reached out to Option Line — a 24-7 pregnancy helpline run by Heartbeat International — the highest single-year number in the hotline’s 15-year history.”


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