Uber For Abortions? Volunteer Service Drives Women To Clinics

"The pair then embarked on the 12-hour ride home"

Uber may not drive women to get abortions, but a volunteer service headed by abortion fanatics does.

According to HuffPo, in some rural states where the nearest abortion clinic sits miles away from home, volunteers will sometimes offer to drive women using an Uber-like service.

"In states without public transportation, many patients, especially those who don’t have cars or companions to drive them, rely on networks of motivated volunteers to get them to the care they need ― an abortion equivalent of Uber/Lyft, but with volunteer drivers and no cost to the patient," reports HuffPo.

One such story involved a woman named Diana, who "belongs to a network of volunteers in a southern state who transport patients on short notice." When Diana drove a woman named Kim to her scheduled abortion, the clinic could not help her due to certain medical complications Kim had. Diana then drove Kim to the nearest abortion clinic in Washington, D.C., which was also unable to help with her medical condition. Resolved in her quest to kill this child, Diana drove Kim another four hours to New York City where she finally got her desired abortion.

"The pair then embarked on the 12-hour ride home, Diana driving almost nonstop through fierce storms, all so she could keep her promise to get Kim home in time to spend Christmas with her two children," HuffPo said. "Diana and Kim’s story is extraordinary, and it is emblematic of the lengths to which volunteers go to help patients access abortion."

Another service that some volunteers provide is opening up their homes to women who travel far to get abortions. In states where abortion is heavily restricted, women have to wait up to 48 or 72 hours after consultation to get their abortions. Many times women will sleep in their cars, since they cannot afford a hotel room. To make the process easier, volunteers will let the women stay in their homes for free.

HuffPo applauded these many volunteers and hoped for a day when they would no longer be needed, a day when abortion is no longer a dirty word.

"Only if abortion is routinized as a normal part of women’s reproductive health care will abortion providers and patients not have to depend on the kindness of strangers," HuffPo concludes.

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