This Group Of College Students Has The Right Idea Of How To Protect Themselves

One group of students at Georgia Tech University has their own idea of how to respond to the rash of incidents involving weapons in the surrounding neighborhoods: get training with their guns from the Georgia Tech Police Department.

The president and vice president of the Marksmanship Club, which normally gets together for sports shooting on the weekends, received training from the Georgia Tech Police Department. As Fox 5 Atlanta reports, “Rob Montgomery and Phillip Yamin have been on the threat simulator used by the department. Both said they hope the police force will be able to make the real-life scenario drills available to the other members of the club.”

The Marksmanship Club is sponsored by the Georgia Tech Student Government Association. Its website states:

This club was formed for education and training in firearms safety, discussion of and participation in the shooting sports and related hobbies, and for education and discussion regarding the legal and political aspects of responsible ownership and use of firearms. We welcome everyone from experienced shooters to first-timers and meet once a month to discuss ideas for activities and to schedule events for the club.

Since January 10, seven incidents in the surrounding neighborhood have been reported in which a weapon was used.

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