Well-Known Women Brag About Abortions at Planned Parenthood ‘Speakout’

On Tuesday afternoon, Planned Parenthood launched their “Shout Your Abortion” 2.0 Tour. The abortion giant gathered up women and, oddly, one man with notoriety to brag about their abortions via live stream for their 2016 "1 in 3 Abortion Speakout" campaign. The goal: these brave soles will rid the stigma attached to killing unborn children and, of course, protect Planned Parenthood's bottom line.

Former Texas Senator Wendy Davis (AKA "Abortion Barbie"), artists, comedians, and even the Planned Parenthood queen herself, Cecile Richards, will all be in attendance.

According to the campaign's site, the goal of the horrifying event is to "end the stigma and shame women are made to feel about abortion." Interestingly, Planned Parenthood’s “compassion” supposedly lends itself to the “shame” women feel after abortion, but does not lend itself to the physical and emotional trauma women so often face from abortion.

In case it wasn’t already clear that this effort was driven purely by politics that affect Planned Parenthood’s bottom line, Campaign Director Julia Reticker-Flynn opened the “speakout” by explicitly noting that this effort is to target Supreme Court justices, all of whom which she called out by name.

Reticker-Flynn added that the women speaking about their abortions were doing so as an “act of resistance.”

Amelia Bonow, a co-launcher of the “Shout Your Abortion” campaign, also spoke at the event, sharing that she was actively looking to “lock down grant money” to help expand her campaign. She also talked about her own abortion, which "wasn't that big of a deal.” Bonow casually compared the tragic ending of her unborn child’s life to "dental work."

Bonow was careful with her words and spoke of her family members that were not aborted as her "chosen family."

She also added that a woman "forced to procreate has lost her right to life." And when she says "forced to procreate," Bonow means that one would potentially not have an option to kill an unborn child, not the whole choosing to have unprotected sex part. The baby who loses their "right to life" in the process was not spoken of.

This hard-to-stomach Planned Parenthood event is just one of the frequent attempts the tax-dollar-funded organization has pursued in an effort to strip abortion of its stigma, since, after all, killing an unborn child is simply a women’s “health” issue, no different than "dental work" and thus should not be stigmatized.

Other efforts, aside from the internal "Shout Your Abortion" and "1 in 3" campaigns, to rid abortion of its stigma have been applauded by the tax-dollar-funded corporation; the latest being the hit ABC show "Scandal" which depicted an abortion in a romanticized fashion.

But as this event illustrates, the real issue with the stigma attached to abortion is that it hurts Planned Parenthood’s bottom line. It’s important for the stigma to be removed and truths—like the unborn feel pain at 8 weeks, abortion is often damaging to a woman physically and emotionally, these “clumps of cells” have limbs that are sold for profit and have unique DNA, etc.—to be swept under the rug so the lucrative business of killing babies doesn’t suffers.

Liberal outlets like Bitch Media, Think Progress, and Reality Check will cover the entire event live-streaming from 12pm to 6pm EST.

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