This Catholic School Is 100% Right To Eject Defiantly Pro-Planned Parenthood Student

End of story.

For two millennia, the Catholic Church has declared abortion evil in all circumstances. For Catholics, it is a non-negotiable issue that people must either ascribe to or find another church.

That means in Catholic schools, which are institutions with the express mission of instilling the faith in students who attend, if a student defiantly promotes organizations opposed to Church doctrine on abortion after being told several times by administrators to stop, the student deserves nothing else than to be ejected. Period. End of story.

At Sacred Heart Greenwich school in Connecticut, sophomore Kate Murray brought into her classrooms a sticker on her laptop reading “I stand with Planned Parenthood," according to LifeNews.

According to the student's parents, Brian and Tracy Murray, the school told their daughter to remove the sticker or face not coming back the following year. Kate Murray did remove the sticker, but now her parents are complaining the school bullied her into it.

“It is a small sticker. It is not incendiary, it is not vulgar. It is not hurtful,” Tracy Murray told the Greenwich Time. “It is a statement of my daughter’s belief and she deserves the same respect for her beliefs that the administration and part of the faculty are demanding for theirs.”

No, that's not how it works. The school bills itself as a Catholic organization, and while on campus, students must show respect for what the organization teaches even if they disagree with it. Kate Murray's parents forfeit whatever self-expressive right they feel their daughter has the moment they write the check for her to attend school there.

The Left has now adopted Kate Murray's cause, with resigning Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tweeting out support for her. “Kate, Planned Parenthood is so proud to count you as a supporter,” she wrote. “Keep fighting for what you believe in. #IstandwithKateMurray.”

More than 1,500 people have signed an online petition called “I Stand With Kate Murray.”

Started by Stephanie Viola, an alumnus of the school and friend of the Murray family, the petition states, “Unless Kate is allowed her freedom of speech, all of my future donations that would have been allocated to Sacred Heart Greenwich will now and forever be donated to Planned Parenthood.”

In an email to the school administration Tuesday night, Viola defended Planned Parenthood as a provider of women's health care, completely oblivious to the fact the abortion giant kills 320,000 babies every year.

“The actions you are taking make you no better than the oppressive forces you are teaching women to question,” she wrote.

If Kate Murray and her family do not quit this cheap, self-centered attack on the school for enforcing its mission statement, then Sacred Heart Greenwich​ should expel her without a second thought.


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