WALSH: Celebrate The Down Syndrome Gerber Baby. Then Remember We Exterminate Babies Like Him.

A beautiful little child named Lucas was just named the 2018 Gerber baby. Lucas has Down syndrome. This is the first time Gerber has selected a child with the condition, and people are very excited about it, and for good reason.

Personally, I'm thrilled for Lucas and his family, and I doubt there was a baby more deserving of this honor in the whole country (besides my own baby). Still I feel a certain level of discomfort, not with Lucas, but with the way people are reacting to the news. That is to say, everyone is reacting positively and with great enthusiasm. This would be a very good thing, if not for the fact that a certain large percentage of those applauding Gerber today still support the violent and systematic slaughter of children just like Lucas.

We seem to always want it both ways as a culture. We want to feel good about a Gerber baby with Downs, but we don't want to actually make the sacrifice and take the step required to protect babies with Downs from being exterminated. Imagine if some baby food company in Germany had selected a Jewish child as their "Gerber baby" in 1941, and even the Nazi sympathizers gushed about how warm and fuzzy it made them feel inside. One would be justified — even, I think, morally obliged — to remind those folks that it's not warmth and fuzziness they ought to be feeling; it's guilt.

If you support abortion, you are part of the reason why the population of Lucases in America has decreased by at least 30 percent in recent years, while in some parts of Europe it has been almost entirely eradicated. Again: you cannot have it both ways. You cannot tell me that Lucas deserves to be the Gerber baby but he doesn't necessarily deserve to be alive. That position is morally insane, and you should not be allowed to hold it without being harshly and consistently challenged.

Pick a side: either these wonderful Down syndrome children or the industry that butchers them. The fence is far too high and the gap far too wide to straddle. It's one or the other. And it should probably be mentioned here that Gerber itself — at least its sister company, Gerber life — doesn't even fully believe in the value and dignity of Down syndrome babies. Many parents have come forward explaining that their children were declined insurance coverage because they have the disability. So it appears that there's quite a bit of hypocrisy to go around.

None of this takes anything away from Lucas, of course. Indeed, my goal is to help everyone see that there is another honor, another title, we should bestow on him. He's not just a Gerber baby. He is a human being. And it's about time that we really start treating him like it.

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