Movie Theater Bans Doc Profiling Professed Former Homosexuals Who Were Bullied By Leftists

"Voices of the Silenced"

Despite what the prevailing commissars of sexual politics will say, there exist scores of gay men and women who have voluntarily left their lives of promiscuity behind for a life of chastity, which sometimes develops into an attraction for the opposite sex.

Such men and women deserve to have their voices and stories heard, not bullied into silence by the Left who wish to turn their views on sexuality into cultural orthodoxy.

One such documentary, "Voices of the Silenced: Experts, Evidences and Ideologies," sought to give those men and women a chance to share their stories. Predictably, the Left now seeks to bury it.

According to LifeSiteNews, the film had been set to premiere at the Vue Cinema at London’s Piccadilly Circus on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. until being subsequently banned from screening.

Sponsored by Core Issues Trust and filmed in eight different countries, the film profiles several men and women who experienced unwanted same-sex attraction and received help. The documentary specifically highlights the bullying and harassment inflicted upon such people at the hands of the Left. People from all over the world were to attend the premiere.

The cinema sent Dr. Michael Davidson, the head of Core Issues Trust, an email Wednesday telling him the theater “will not be able to fulfill the final terms of the agreement” because they have “the right to refrain from providing screening services up to the point of any pre-booked screening.”

“This is a very important film raising public awareness about difficult issues faced by a whole category of vulnerable people, and we are very disappointed that the screening has been canceled at the last moment,” Davidson said of the cancelation.

Prior to the cancelation, the militant LGBT site Pink News blasted the film, citing various English politicians who seek to make it illegal for therapists to help patients with unwanted same-sex attraction, even in cases where they voluntarily seek help.

Core Issues Trust emphasizes on its site that it never deals with involuntary patients and only helps those actively seeking treatment.

“Very often people who are coming out of relationships or sexual practices that they have been hurt by, have nowhere to go,” the charity says on its website. “They might feel isolated and have suffered the loss of connections with other people who were an important support structure. Not only that, but sometimes they find the help offered to them by loved-ones, the church or professionals doesn't reflect the values or desires that are motivating their need to change their lifestyles.”

At Core Issues Trust, “clients have the right to a safe space for self-exploration and self-determination with a therapist who honors their freely chosen values.” LifeSiteNews describes more of the film below:

The film interviews 15 people who left the homosexual lifestyle. It "challenges the closedown of the debate about the value of therapeutic support to these people in ways that are respectful of clients and individual rights to change," Christian Concern said in a press release.

Voices of the Silenced examines today’s sexual politics and the ideological basis for trying to ban certain types of therapy. It compares the sexual ideologies of the Greco-Roman world with today’s prevailing opinions on sexuality, which Christian Concern said is "the re-emergence of pansexual humanist values in the modern era."

The film also highlights how Judeo-Christian values have influenced sexual ethics throughout history.

“Our journey will remind us of some of the key memories in both ancient and modern history to help us discern the destructive drivers of sexual politics that underscore both homosexual and Islamic radicalism,” the filmmakers say on their website.

Core Issues Trust has the backing of the Christian Legal Centre and may ask the U.K.'s High Court for an injunction “against Vue under the Equality Act 2010.”

“Ironically, the actions of PinkNews and Vue cinema illustrate the point of the film. The Voices of the Silenced are, in fact, being silenced,” said Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre.

“This is fundamentally a free speech issue,” she said. “As usual, a minority of gay activists use threats and intimidation to shut down any opposing views. Tragically, they can’t tolerate the truth that there are significant numbers of men and women who have no wish to remain in a gay lifestyle and seek help to leave it.”

“At the moment we intend to go to the cinema tomorrow and we intend to watch the film,” said Williams. “We intend to encourage everyone that has a ticket to turn up.”

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