University Of Minnesota President Claims Security Concerns Forced Them To Move Shapiro Speech Off Campus. Shapiro Fires Back.

On Wednesday, the president of the University of Minnesota, stung by accusations that the university was forcing Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro’s February 26 lecture off-campus, offered his explanation of just why Shapiro’s speech was going to be held off-campus — but his explanation elicited heavy criticism for being disingenuous.

The argument between Young America’s Foundation, which is sponsoring the speech, and Eric Kaler, the university president, had been triggered after the revelation that the university could not find a suitable place for Shapiro to speak on campus, though leftists like Elizabeth Warren and Al Franken were offered the Ted Mann Concert Hall, which has a capacity of 1,500 people, for their speeches.

YAF gave people an opportunity to inform the university that their behavior wasn’t fair:

That may have triggered some action; roughly 30 minutes later, Kaler responded on Twitter:

Shapiro fired back:

Noting the widespread criticism of Kaler’s statement, YAF had their own idea of how to respond to Kaler’s tweet:


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