YEAH, THEY REALLY WANT PEACE: Another Israeli Rabbi Slaughtered By A Palestinian Terrorist

On Monday, for the second time in the last month, a young rabbi living in Israel was slaughtered by a Palestinian terrorist. This time, the victim, Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, 29, a father of four young children, was murdered in cold blood by a 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist. Eyewitnesses and video footage reportedly show that the terrorist sneaked up to the rabbi from behind and stabbed him in the back several times, whereupon the rabbi collapsed to the sidewalk.

Here is the face of Rabbi Ben Gal:

To make matters even more heartbreaking, Rabbi Ben Gal was murdered on his way to welcome a Jewish infant into his covenant with God:

And here is the face of the cold-blooded murderer who stabbed the rabbi to death:

The two murdered rabbis knew each other; here is a picture of them together:

As should be abundantly clear by now, if it hasn’t been for decades, if there are Palestinian Arab Muslims who want peace with the Jews of Israel, they certainly aren’t in the leadership. Here’s just one more telling piece of evidence that the Palestinian Arab leadership has no interest in peace:

While much of the world consistently sides with the Palestinians, who have been murdering Jews for decades, the Trump administration has evidenced a more clear-eyed perspective that the question of peace is a moot one as long as the Palestinian Arabs teach their people to hate and murder Jews.

Peace will come when the Palestinians give up their hatred and murder and acknowledge the Jewish people’s right to exist.

Not one day before.

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