Berkeley Students Freak When ICE Vehicles Spotted On Campus

“F**k the whole UC system"

Berkeley students threw a hissy fit after spotting a U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) vehicle on campus.

According to Campus Reform, students spotted an ICE vehicle parked on campus in close proximity to an academic building, prompting SJWs to issue a tirade on the school's official Twitter account.

"We have received reports of ICE on the Berkeley campus. Our understanding is that that they were invited to speak at the Global Entry Program about TSA checks and advice for international students,” the tweet announced.

The school assured students “there is no raid.”

Students were not assured and began issuing warnings to each other to be cautious and watch for "warning posts."

“Berkeley, an email was sent out at 11:27 am regarding ICE on campus. Since, folks have confirmed presence and asked folks to be cautionary,” tweeted Gia, a self-described senior and Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) senator. “Also remember to be careful with language and keep time stamps on warning posts. Keep statuses informed and updated."

One Twitter user advised people avoid campus entirely: “UCB folks, please take care of yourselves and avoid campus at all costs if uncomfortable. UCPD supposedly has confirmed that ICE is on campus.”

In another tweet, a student questioned why Berkeley allowed ICE on campus in the first place, asking, “What’s the purpose of establishing the entire UC system as being a ‘sanctuary system’ if ICE is still allowed to traipse about campus?”

“Just what exactly is your definition of SAFETY for undocumented/documented immigrant students because raid or not, that’s still a trauma!” the student continued, adding in another tweet that “keeping ICE the hell away from all campuses” is necessary to “protect people,” and proclaiming “Defund, dismantle, destroy ICE” in a third tweet.

Member Jason Prado of the Democratic Socialists of San Francisco even called ICE’s presence “dangerous."

“The same organization is threatening to harm and deport your students and staff,” he tweeted. “Nothing that says CBP or ICE should be allowed on campus. Your actions are extremely tone deaf and border on dangerous.”

“F**k the whole UC system but especially Berk*ley,” another user wrote. "Why would you allow the gestapo at your campus[?] remove those scum," wrote another.

Thankfully, Antifa did not show up to inflict more damage on the campus.


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