Top 6 Most INSANE Videos Out Of Philly After Super Bowl Win

The Philadelphia Eagles pulled off a miracle Sunday night by defeating the undefeatable New England Patriots, helmed by the immortal Tom Brady and coached by the wicked smart Bill Belichick. It was a terrific game that was everything the NFL could have ever dreamed up in their increasingly desperate attempt to win back the 18+% of fans that have turned off America's still most popular sport over the last two seasons.

To celebrate the glorious 41-33 victory, which brought the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy home to Philly for the first time ever, Philly fans took to the streets and went completely insane.

Below, in no particular order, are the top six most insane videos out of Philly after the long-awaited victory (h/t Laces Out, Ryan Saavedra):

1. "Everything Is Free!"

2. Everything's On Fire

3. Everything's Collapsing

4. Terrible Place For Pullups

5. Pole Vaulting

6. That Infamous Horse Poop-Eating Moment . . .

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