WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles Fan Eats HORSE POOP, City Trashed After Super Bowl Win

"Multiple reports of the City of Philadelphia being declared in a state of emergency, National Guard being activated."

Philadelphia Eagles fans erupted into madness following the Eagles' Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots on Sunday, but one act that appears to have happened following the win takes home the medal for the most insane and disgusting thing ever.

"Laces Out," a football podcast by Barstool Sports, tweeted out a video following the Super Bowl that shows a Philadelphia Eagles fan appearing to eat horse poop off the street as he is egged on by hundreds of people surrounding him. The tweet stated: "No....don’t eat the horse s***...don’t do it.....YOU ARE BETTER THAN TH...oh no."


As insane and disgusting as that horrifying act was, Eagles fans participated in even more dangerous acts, including climbing up poles, jumping off of structures, riding on top of moving vehicles, and posing for selfies in front of moving trains.

The chaos in Philadelphia, an overwhelmingly Democratic city, was so bad that reports surfaced that the National Guard was deployed to put an end to the mayhem.

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