Suspect In Brutal Dismemberment Murder Of Italian Teen Is Nigerian Migrant

A 29-year-old Nigerian migrant has been arrested in connection with the brutal dismemberment murder of Italian teen Pamela Mastropietro.

Innocent Oseghale was charged with murdering the 18-year-old after her body was found on Wednesday. The girl's dismembered body parts were packed in two suitcases and thrown into a dumpster near Pollenza.

According to ANSA.it, several large knives were found in the Macerata home of Oseghale, Carabinieri police say. Forensic experts also reportedly found blood stains in the apartment.

Mastropietro had a drug problem and was in a drug rehabilitation center in Corridonia until she left the facility on January 29. Her murder is thought to have taken place one day later.

The accused migrant has a number of drug offenses on record, according to police.

CCTV footage helped pin down Oseghale as a suspect, as well as a witness who said he saw the accused carrying the two suitcases.

"A prosecutor will request that Oseghale remain in jail on Friday in relation to a case that has shocked the nation," notes ANSA.it.

Oseghale attempted to accuse two others of the crime, but the men have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

The suspect was said to have been "confused and not very clear" during questioning. He has denied all charges.


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