Politifact Backs Down: Crazed Democrat Out As Fact Checker

Only hours after Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro issued a scathing attack targeting Politifact for announcing on Thursday that they had hired former Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson as a fact checker, Politifact backed down, tweeting their acknowledgement that hiring Grayson was a major boo-boo.

Politifact has been accused of being a left-wing apologist for years; in 2016 The Federalist offered a comprehensive essay as to how that accusation was accurate. The Federalist noted:

When fact-checked by PolitiFact, Democrats had an average rating of 1.8, which is between “Mostly True” and “Half True.” The average Republican rating was 2.6, which is between “Half-True” and “Mostly False.” We also checked Republicans without President-elect Donald Trump in the mix and found that 0.8 truth gap narrowed to 0.5. ...

During the 2012 election season, PolitiFact assigned Mitt Romney 19 “Pants on Fire” ratings. For comparison, for every single Democrat combined from 2007-2016 the “Pants on Fire” rating was only assigned 25 times. This seems to indicate Romney wasn’t just a liar, but an insane, raving liar, spewing malicious deceit at every possible opportunity. In the mere two years he was in the spotlight as a Republican presidential nominee, Romney somehow managed to rival the falsehoods told by the entire party of Democrats over the course of a decade.

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