WATCH: Democrat Senator Starts To Applaud Trump . . . Until He Realizes Schumer Is Looking At Him

"I think the Democrats were wrong in not showing respect."

On Tuesday, during President Donald Trump's State of the Union address, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) was caught on camera about to stand up as he applauded the president when he suddenly looked around and realized none of his Democratic colleagues were standing.

Manchin appeared on MSNBC this morning where he criticized the Democrats for refusing to stand, saying, "I was very, very upset when I saw the Republicans never, ever stood up with Barack Obama, and there were things I didn't agree about President Obama in his speech."

"But I was taught in West Virginia there's a little bit of respect, and you should show that. And I did that then, and I did it last night," Manchin continued. "I think the Democrats were wrong in not showing respect. That's just me."

While Manchin did stand and applaud the president multiple times last night, far more than the rest of his colleagues, he was caught at one point getting ready to stand before he looked around and realized that none of his fellow Democrats were standing — ultimately deciding to sit back down.


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