Top Survey Reveals The Most Polarizing Media Brands For 2018

12 of the top 15 most polarizing brands are media companies.

Morning Consult surveyed more than 330,000 Americans over the past few months to rank the companies that had the most polarizing brands between Republicans and Democrats.

The top 30 were chosen from a minimum of 1,900 different brands that were the result of a nationwide survey of adults from October 3, 2017 to January 2, 2018, according to Morning Consult Brand Intelligence.

Out of the top 15 most polarizing brands, 12 were media companies, with CNN being named the most polarizing and divisive media company in the U.S.

The top 12 most polarizing media companies are:​

1) CNN

T-2) Fox News

T-2) NBC News

4) New York Times


6) ABC News

7) CBS News

8) Washington Post

9) Fox Business

10) HuffPost

11) Time Magazine

12) CBS

The top 10 least favorable brands among Republicans were:

1) NFL

2) CNN

3) Diet Pepsi


T-5) Diet Mountain Dew

T-5) MTV

T-5) NBC News

T-8) Red Bull

T-8) Playboy

10) CBS News

The least favorable brands among Democrats were:

1) Trump Hotels

2) Fox News

T-3) Diet Pepsi

T-3) Diet Mountain Dew

5) Red Bull

6) Wells Fargo

7) Philip Morris

8) Fox Business

9) Dish Network

10) DirecTV


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