GROAN: Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Grammy Awards Cameo, Reading 'Fire And Fury'

Losing presidential candidate appeared to applause.

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made a surprise appearance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night as part of a parade of musicians reading excerpts from "Fire And Fury," the gossip book about President Donald Trump released just weeks ago.

The gag saw celebrities from R&B performer John Legend to rap artist Cardi B reading the worst bits from Michael Wolff's much-maligned tome, ostensibly competing for the chance to record the book's spoken word version. But the skit was merely a prelude to the grand dame's cameo (to raucous applause).


Clinton read a short clip about Trump's love for McDonalds, and closed it out with what should have been a self-deprecating joke about her chances of actually winning anything, including a Grammy. Sadly, it's not possible for Clinton to be self-deprecating, so her cameo managed to be mostly groan-inducing.

Clinton has been laying low lately, appearing only in short bursts as she continues to recover from her loss. But, unfortunately for Americans, she seems adverse to disappearing entirely.


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