REPORT: It Sure Looks Like NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Took A Bribe

According to The New York Times, a campaign donor to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio secretly pleaded guilty in court to offering him a bribe, and “a federal criminal information in the case makes it clear that the donor, Harendra Singh, got something in return.”

That certainly gives credence to theorizing that de Blasio took a bribe. He has not been charged with anything of the sort.

The Times reports that Singh was attempting to obtain favorable lease terms for a restaurant he owned which happened to be on city property. Court documents revealed de Blasio aided Singh in exchange for the contributions; the documents also stated that an unnamed senior aide to Mr. de Blasio set up a meeting in order to urge a city agency to help Singh with the terms of the lease.

Singh told the court, “I gave these donations to the elected official in exchange for efforts by that official and other city officials to obtain a lease renewal from the city agency for my restaurant on terms that were favorable to me.”

The Times adds:

Last March, federal prosecutors who had investigated Mr. de Blasio’s fund-raising decided not to bring criminal charges against the mayor based on what they described as a high burden of proof and the challenge of proving corruption without “evidence of personal profit.”

Court documents referred to an “Official #2” who received the donations; the Times reports, “Various details in the documents make it clear that the unnamed official is Mr. de Blasio.”


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