Trump Says He Would 'Love To' Answer Special Counsel Mueller's Question — Under Oath

President Donald Trump said Wednesday night that he is “looking forward” to being questioned by Special Counsel Robert Mueller — under oath — in the investigation into whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

“I’m looking forward to it, actually,” Trump said at the White House. As for when the session would occur, Trump said, “I guess they’re talking about two or three weeks. ... I’d like to do that as soon as possible."

"But I’d love to do it," he declared. Trump again insisted there has been no collusion — and no obstruction of justice in the May firing of FBI director James Comey. "Here is the story: There has been no collusion whatsoever. There is no obstruction whatsoever. And I am looking forward to it."

During an exchange with reporters, Trump vowed to do the interview under oath — "subject to my lawyers."

"I would do it under oath. I would do it," he said, later adding, "I would do it under oath, yeah."

Rumors have begun to swirl in D.C. that Mueller is moving toward questioning the president. Both Comey and Attorney General Jeff Sessions have sat down with the special counsel in recent days.

Trump said some might get the wrong idea about his attempts to "fight back" against the investigation.

"Now they're saying, 'Oh, well, did he fight back?' " Trump said. "You fight back, 'Oh, it's obstruction.'"

Asked if he thinks Mueller will be fair, Trump said, “We’re going to find out.”


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