SHOCK: Abortion Almost Deprived The World Of Andrea Bocelli

"They told me to abort; I refused"

He would never have had the "time to say goodbye" or the time to say anything at all if fate went the other way.

We know him as the world-famous Italian singer, Andrea Bocelli, but once upon a time, he was known merely as the "clump of cells" living in his mother's womb, and had this young woman done unto him what doctors had told her to do at the time, the world would have been deprived of his magnificent voice.

According to LifeSiteNews, Bocelli's origin story that almost never came to be was featured on the Italian talk show "Domenica in” last week. His mother, Edi Alighieri, described how circumstances almost led her to abortion upon learning of her pregnancy. From LifeSiteNews:

As Bocelli himself revealed in 2009, when Alighieri was a young newlywed, she went to the hospital with terrible stomach pains, thinking she might have appendicitis. There she was told that she was pregnant, but the baby she was carrying was already seriously disabled. He had congenital glaucoma that would render him blind, doctors told her, from birth.

“They told me to abort; I refused,” Alighieri said on the show.

Bocelli's famed blindness actually turned into a blessing, according to his mother, because it motivated him to pursue music in the first place. While receiving treatment for his glaucoma at a hospital in Torino, Bocelli met a Russian man who listened to symphonies all day, sparking a love that never died.

"He no longer remembered being in care; he was fascinated by music,” his mother recalled.

Bocelli went completely blind at age 12 due to an accident while playing soccer. He is arguably the most famous of all classical singers in the world; his famed single, "Time to Say Goodbye" with Sarah Brightman, has sold more than 12 million copies.

Bocelli's great fortune has not been lost on him. In 2010, he openly declared himself a devout Catholic dedicated to protecting unborn children.

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