Vicente Fox Is Back, And He's Still A Jerk, And He Still 'Will Not Pay For That F***ing Wall'

The former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, has learned no humility following Donald Trump's election to the presidency. A year after the President Trump's inauguration, Fox is still a jerk while appearing on American television programs.

Appearing Tuesday on "The Opposition with Jordan Klepper," Fox once again doubled down on his infamous statement in response to President Trump's declaration that Mexico would pay for the wall.

“I said, I’m not paying for that fucking wall,” said Fox as he walked out onto the stage.

The audience welcomed Fox with uproarious applause because all it takes to gain respect these days is an insult at President Trump.

Speaking with Jordan Klepper, Fox spoke about how President Trump greatly offended Mexico with his rhetoric and that is why he stepped up to denounce him. In sum, he views himself as a crusader.

Vicente Fox said that the spirit of his grandfather inspired him to speak out. "Nobody called me, except the spirit of my grandfather, who was born in Cincinnati, Ohio," said Fox. "I recalled the memories I have of him, and how great this nation is."

Regarding the poor language he has used in interviews and on Twitter against Trump, Fox defended himself, saying that his position as a former president gives him free license. He also referred to Trump as a “mediocre businessman.”

“When you move from business and private sector into politics, you have to go through a process,” said Fox. “This guy doesn’t have any idea of the difference between running a nation and running a business.”

During Trump's campaign for president, Vicente Fox trolled the president in more ways than just crass language. At one point, Fox went on an American-owned television network to tell Latin voters, in Spanish, whom they should vote for.

"To Mexicans I say, do not believe in a false prophet," Fox said on Univision at the time. "Never vote for him; instead, let us unite and defend our offended dignity."


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