Democrats Beg Mega-Donor Tom Steyer To Please Stop Pushing Impeachment

Polling trends aren't looking good for the Democrats.

The New York Times revealed Tuesday that following their embarrassing loss to Republicans over the federal government shutdown, Democrats are quietly telling mega-donor environmentalist Tom Steyer to stop pushing any agenda that includes impeaching President Donald Trump.

Steyer announced this week that he would encourage activists to hold "house parties," where they could discuss the possibility of impeaching Trump, and then come up with grassroots-level communications strategies they could use to pressure local Democrat legislators to back Steyer-drafted articles of impeachment.

But Dems are worried that pushing impeachment too often, and too quickly — when Mueller's investigation has not concluded and there is, yet, no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the White House — could make it difficult to convince mid-term voters that Democrats have their needs in mind.

Even the NYT admits that there's really "no realistic chance" of impeaching the President — at least, not yet. And they quote Democratic leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi saying that Steyer's tactics are making political divisions worse at a time when Democrats desperately need to pick up independents, blue collar moderates, Rust Belt voters, and others who abhor the current, rancorous state of politics.

Steyer, who has previously used his considerable wealth to attack state-level Republicans and bankroll major environmental initiatives (like the opposition to fracking and to the Keystone XL pipeline), says he's undeterred.

"We're just telling the truth to the American people, and it's an important truth," Steyer told the NYT. "And if you don't think it's politically convenient for you, that's too bad."

Steyer is also pumping significant cash into the effort, telling the NYT that he'll be spending more than $30 million to mobilize millennial voters in the mid-year election, and he plans on giving even more to Democratic candidates, provided they also agree to present or support articles of impeachment once they get to Congress.


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