White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders delivered a heart-warming message from President Donald Trump on Tuesday at the start of the White House press briefing.

Sanders read the story of nine-year-old Sophia Campa-Peters, who suffers from a rare disease that caused four massive strokes at the age of six, leaving her partially paralyzed.

Sophia is having surgery in Boston on Friday and asked that everyone in the world pray for her. The Brownfield News reports:

[Sophia's brother] encouraged [their mother] to go global with the message for prayer. Sophia’s response was, “You mean everyone in the world will be praying for me? All 10,000 of them?” She was told there were many more people than that in the world. “So, 11,000?” was Sophia’s response. From this conversation, the family has begun to use #10,000people as their hashtag on social media posts.

Sanders said that the message from the president is that the White House is praying for Sophia and now millions more people around the world will do the same. Trump encouraged her to "keep fighting, to never give up, keep inspiring us all, and never ever lose faith in God, with him all things are possible."


You can donate to Sophia Campa-Peters here.