POLL: Biden, Sanders, Winfrey All With Big Leads Over Trump For 2020

A new CNN poll shows three prospective Democratic challengers to President Trump in 2020 leading the president by significant margins:

Former Vice President Joe Biden has led Trump in the polls for some time; in mid-November a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll found him leading Trump 46%-35%. The same poll found a generic Democrat leading Trump 48%-34%. When Biden was asked about a prospective run by NBC’s Megyn Kelly, who pointed out that he would be 77, he has already run for his party’s presidential nomination twice and lost, and blue collar voters identified with Trump, Biden responded, “They love me more. … I understand the Rust Belt. Donald Trump has no notion of what those people are going through.”

An early November poll from Zogby Analytics found Sanders leading Trump 51%-40%; the same poll found Biden leading Trump 50%-41%. A May 2017 Public Policy Poll found Biden leading Trump 54%-40% and Sanders leading Trump 52%-39%.

In late November Politico reported that Sanders was shoring up support for a prospective 2020 run; Sanders's senior advisor Ari Rabin-Havt stated, “He is now in a very different position than he’s ever been in before. He’s just stepping into the role. Let’s be clear: He’s in charge of outreach for the caucus. So when people say he’s doing a better job of reaching out? Well, yeah, he’s doing his job. This is a new phase of his career.”

As for Winfrey, she has given no indication that she would be interested in running after her speech at the Golden Globes, which elicited calls for her to challenge Trump in 2020. Politico reported last week, “A majority of voters across several polls don’t think Winfrey should run for the White House.”

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