MSNBC host Joy Reid admonished a Republican guest on Sunday for using a legally correct term to describe illegal immigration because she said the term feels old and she is trying to "change the conversation."

Anti-Trump Republican strategist Evan Siegfried was in the middle of a rant regarding President Trump's proposed border wall when he used the term "illegal alien," a term that apparently is not MSNBC-approved.

"Well, we're going with undocumented immigrants," Reid interjected. "I think we're going to go with that — it's definitely the right — I mean, we're trying to change the conversation around here, right?"

"There's certain terminology even — like 'chain migration' and 'illegal aliens,'" Reid continued. "It's a throwback conversation that does feel like — it feels almost like the '80s."

The legally correct term is "illegal alien," it is not "undocumented immigrant," which is a term that the political left created to "to obscure the illegal actions and conduct of those who violate our immigration laws," The Heritage Foundation notes.