WATCH: Adam Schiff Gives INSANE Reason Why Americans Can't See FISA Memo

Schiff does not think Americans can understand a 4-page document . . .

Rep. Adam Schiff says Congress cannot release the FISA memo, which has exploded in controversy, because the American public won't be able to understand the four-page document.

The California Democrat, who claims the memo is nothing more than GOP talking points, was asked by CNN host Ana Cabrera why the American public can't just read the brief document themselves and make up their own minds about its content.

"Well, because the American people, unfortunately, don’t have the underlying materials and therefore they can’t see how distorted and misleading this document is," Schiff said over the weekend. "The Republicans are not saying 'Make the underlying materials available to the public.'"

"They just want to make this spin available to the public," Schiff said. "I think that spin, which is an attack on the FBI, is just designed to attack the FBI and [special prosecutor] Bob Mueller to circle the wagons for the White House. And that’s a terrible disservice to the people, hard-working people at the bureau, but more than that, it’s a disservice to the country."


Republicans are calling for the release of Rep. Devin Nunes' memo that alleges FBI abuses of surveillance laws. Nunes, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, says the bureau violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) concerning an opposition research dossier on Donald Trump and Russia.


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