Report: Iranian Spies Targeted Jewish Kindergartens In Berlin

On Wednesday, Josef Hufelschulte, a journalist for the weekly German-language magazine FOCUS, revealed exactly how evil Iranian spies are: he asserted that not only have they gathered information about the Israeli embassy in Berlin, but they also collected data on kindergartens in the Jewish community in Berlin.

As The Times of Israel reports, Hufelschulte spoke with the Israeli public broadcaster Kan, acknowledging that members of German intelligence services who raided the homes of suspected Iranian spies on Tuesday had been monitoring them for two months prior to the raids. The Times of Israel adds, “On Tuesday, German authorities said they were conducting searches across the country in connection with 10 suspected Iranian spies, with FOCUS magazine claiming that they were members of an elite military force that had been eyeing Israeli and Jewish targets.”

The Washington Post reported:

German authorities searched premises linked to 10 suspected Iranian spies following extensive investigations by the country’s domestic intelligence agency, prosecutors said Tuesday. A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutors Office said the raids took place early Tuesday at private homes and offices across Germany. “We believe the suspects spied on institutions and persons in Germany at the behest of an intelligence unit associated with Iran,” spokesman Stefan Biehl told The Associated Press.

According to the Kan's report, the arrests for the suspected spies reportedly listed them as members of the al-Quds force, a part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps and considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

Kan reported that important information that led to the raids had been supplied by the Mossad. The report added that the al-Quds Force had tried to recruit non-Iranian Shiites to form a terror cell to execute terrorist acts across Europe.

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Jeremy Issacharoff, speaking to Kan, stated, “The affair should raise a red flag not only in Germany, but in all of Europe. The time has come for the Germans and the Europeans to understand what is hidden behind the Iranian smile of recent months.” the ambassador added.

The Israeli Embassy in Berlin stated that the raids showed "just how active the Iranian regime is in Europe and in Germany … What are President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Zarif hiding behind their smiles? Hostile acts on European soil. Iran [is working toward] its stated goal of destroying Israel. It sent the terrorists who destroyed the Israeli Embassy in Germany, it tests ballistic missiles that say 'Destroy Israel' and plans actions against Israel's friends and Israelis in Germany."

The Federal Prosecutors Office said no arrests had been made, but the suspects may have “spied on institutions and persons in Germany on behalf of an entity associated with Iran.”

A Pakistani man who was an Iranian agent was convicted in Berlin last year of espionage; one of his targets included Reinhold Robbe, who headed the German-Israeli Association.

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