WATCH: Andrew Klavan Slams 'Bullying' Left's War On 'Simple Facts' In Tucker Carlson Interview

"Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth."

In an interview with Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tuesday night, The Daily Wire’s own Andrew Klavan called out the Left and their allies in the mainstream media for "bullying" conservatives, particularly when it comes to the assertion of "simple facts."

Carlson praised Klavan’s City Journal article, "Of Crudeness and Truth," which discusses the bullying tactics that the Left uses to intimidate those on the Right.

After reading the opening line of the piece, "Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth," Carlson asked what the bestselling novelist meant by that assertion.

"Well the Left has been tremendously successful in making the statement of simple facts seem rude and evil and unkind," Klavan explained. Simply stating that men and women are different or the majority of terrorists active now are radical Muslims can trigger the Left, said Klavan.

"Suddenly they rear back and start to call you a bigot," he continued. "They start to say you are a racist, or sexist, or Islamophobic, or whatever, until the statement of simple data, things that are just factually true, become unexpressable. You’re not allowed to say them."

Klavan added, "I don’t think conservatives fully appreciate the power of that kind of mental slavery. Conservatives are not very good with culture. We don’t understand the way it wraps around your mind and keeps you from saying the things that you are thinking."

On the topic of President Donald Trump’s "boorishness," Klavan discussed how it is a useful tool to combat the Left who have on occasion used violence against those who disagree with them.

"It's a form of bullying," he emphasized when describing the mainstream media’s attempt to shame conservatives into silence.

Klavan said, "I'm grateful to Donald Trump for shattering that, even when he does it in ways that I find kind of appalling."

"I agree completely," Carlson replied.

Watch the interview below:

Andrew Klavan is the host of The Daily Wire podcast "The Andrew Klavan Show" and is the bestselling author of The Great Good Thing. He also wrote the fictional podcast serial "Another Kingdom" narrated by Michael Knowles.


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