Cecile Richards: Abortion Business Is A 'Lifesaver'

"You have been a lifesaver"

Irony and abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood go together like Sid & Nancy — right down to the organization's name itself. This weekend, PP CEO Cecile Richards further solidified that relationship with the bizarre when she declared her abortion business a "lifesaver."

Speaking with Fast Company Magazine, Richards bragged about the many lives her business has saved, completely unaware of the lives it did not — and certainly did not mention those it's murdered outright. She recalled a story from when PP began offering a text-chat service and one of the first young women her organization used the platform to "help."

"A young woman texted us late at night and said, ‘I have no one to talk to.’ And we texted back and said, ‘We’re here to help you.’ And then she told us her story," said Richards.

The CEO continued, "She really did need to see a medical professional immediately, and we were able to make that appointment. And I’ll never forget — we texted at the end, ‘Do you have everything you need for now?’ And she said, just like a teenager would, ‘You have been a lifesaver,’ with a little smiley face emoticon. And then a couple minutes later she texted back, ‘But will you still be there later tonight if I need you?’ That, to me, is what Planned Parenthood is all about.'"

The report noted that throughout Richards' 12 years as Planned Parenthood CEO, the organization has tripled its membership to more than 10 million and "elevated the organization’s voice in the fight for women’s rights — all despite political headwinds."

According to LifeNews, portraying Richards' tenure as a success is a stretch at best and a lie at worst. Throughout all 12 years, her "salary more than doubled while Planned Parenthood’s patient numbers dropped by about half a million and non-abortion health services shrank drastically."


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