Kimmel: Trump Is A Racist. Grab Your Pitchforks.

On Thursday night, supposed comedian and late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, who fancies himself as the leading opponent to the Trump Administration, decided to chime in on the controversy from the president’s alleged comments about Haiti and assorted African nations earlier in the day, when Trump reportedly referred to the poverty-plagued nations as "s***holes.”

Kimmel started like this:

They are all big days, but President Trump today. He rejected a bipartisan deal for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program which is the program that protects young immigrants brought to the United States as children, people like Melania Trump, who wound up here. And apparently, what Trump objected to in the bipartisan plan was the senators from both sides wanted to restore protections for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and a handful of African countries. They had to be rescued from difficult situations in those countries.

Not only did Trump reject the plan, he said, and — and before I share what he specifically said, I would like you to keep in mind this is an actual quote from the actual president of the United States.

Kimmel then played a clip of CNN’s Jim Acosta discussing The Washington Post’s story regarding Trump’s alleged “s***hole” comment, in which the Post reported that Trump said the U.S. should import more people from countries like Norway.

Kimmel continued:

I’m sure the fact that countries he described as s***holes are mostly populated by people of color, and the immigrants he wants from Norway are not, is a coincidence, because if it wasn’t, it would mean we voted for a racist, like a real one, and we’d have to get pitchforks and chase him out of the White House. I also assume the White House would deny he said that. They did not. They just tried to spin it. It really is unfathomable. You just can’t believe that this is the guy running our country. The only silver lining, and this is a small silver lining. The only silver lining action we got to hear Wolf Blitzer say this all day.

Kimmel then played a montage of Blitzer saying “s***hole” repeatedly. He followed by resorting to the usual leftist talking points, adding, “What an s-hole. That would make a great alarm clock. So anyway, thanks Vlad Putin, you really got us good.”

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