RASMUSSEN POLL: Oprah Would Defeat Trump If Election Were Today

A Rasmussen Reports poll taken on January 8-9 reveals that if the presidential election were held today, candidate Oprah Winfrey would defeat President Trump.

The poll found 48% of likely U.S. voters would choose Winfrey, while 38% would choose Trump, leaving 14% of voters undecided.

Among Democrats, Winfrey scored well, amassing 76% of their votes; among GOP voters, only 22% of Republicans would choose Winfrey. But 44% of independent voters said they would vote for her.

Trump earned 66% of the GOP vote, only 12% of Democrats and 38% of unaffiliated voters.

55% of all voters saw Winfrey favorably, including 27% with a very favorable impression; 34% viewed her unfavorably, with 18% viewing her very unfavorably.

Among women, 52% preferred Winfrey to Trump; 43% of men preferred Winfrey. Winfrey held a significant lead over Trump among voters under 40. 69% of conservative voters preferred Trump, but 58% of moderates and 80% of liberals preferred Winfrey.

As Rasmussen points out, “In early December 2016, still reeling from Hillary Clinton’s upset loss to Trump the month before, 72% of Democrats said their party should look for a fresh face to be their nominee.”


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