Mass Funeral Held For Nigerian Christians Slaughtered By Radical Muslims

"Several innocent people have been killed."

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state, Nigeria, donated coffins for a funeral held on Sunday for 65 Christians, including women and children, ruthlessly killed by radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen who continue their reign of terror across the African nation’s countryside.

According to a report by Morning Star News, the mass funeral was held on Monday. Governor Ortom visited the victims prior to their burial as they were being examined at the Benue State University Teaching Hospital-Makurdi’s hospital morgue. He announced three days of mourning to the predominantly Christian Middle State region.

He has said that the attack was in retaliation to a new law restricting the grazing areas of the Fulani cattle. The four assaults began on New Year's Day and ended on January 6, with the extremists attacking villages located in Guma and Logo Local Government Areas. They attacked their victims with knives, clubs, and swords.

Governor Orton said, “Several innocent people have been killed. Women and children murdered with their throats slit open. Many people are still missing while several houses have been destroyed. The whole of Guma and Logo have been turned into desolate lands.”

Though the Nigerian government has sent security to protect villages threatened by the extremists, they soon became overwhelmed by the attacks.

Governor Orton told Morning Star News, “Now, those people who have been killed, their blood will cry to the federal government and, if the federal government does not do something, their blood will cry to the Almighty God, and I’m sure that God will deal with the situation Himself.” He added, “This is not fair, and it is not acceptable.”

Benue State Police Command spokesman Moses Joel Yamu released a statement saying that the herdsman were suspected as the culprits and eight arrests have been made.

The villagers have grown frustrated with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s seeming lack of acknowledgement of the growing violence against Christian villagers. Demonstrations in the capital city of Makurdi turned violent as protesters demanded that the government do something about the radical Muslim terrorists.

Despite these growing threats and the demonstrations, the mainstream media has yet to cover the previous assaults or the New Year’s Day attack. Outside of regional press, the story of over five dozen Christians murdered at the hands of Islamic extremists has largely been ignored.

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