GLASS CEILING SHATTERED: Study: Record Number Of Female Suicide Bombers In 2017

Tons of glass ceilings were shattered in 2017, but not the ones feminists refer to.

A new study by Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security shows that 2017 was a record year for female suicide bombers. As in, a record number of women and girls carried out suicide attacks: “The highest number of female suicide bombers since women began participating in suicide attacks.”

The study found 348 suicide attacks in 2017, carried out in 23 countries by 623 terrorists, 137 of whom (22%) were female, 126 of whom were with Boko Haram, the Islamic terrorist group based in Nigeria that’s affiliated with the Islamic State.

The study’s authors, Aviad Mendelboim and Yoram Schweitzer, said that the 348 suicide attacks were the fewest number of attacks since 2013, which they credited to Islamic State’s severe battlefield losses last year.

They, added, though, that “it has become increasingly difficult to monitor the data, particularly in areas of intense activity such as Iraq and Syria, where the Islamic State used suicide bombers in the ongoing fighting.”

Suicide bombing, popularized by Palestinian terrorists in the First Intifada and Second Intifada, allows terrorist groups to kill, maim, and terrorize civilian populations at minimal cost.

As the Times of Israel notes, many of the 126 women and girls who carried out suicide attacks for Islamic State “appeared to have been brainwashed, forced or tricked into doing so.”

Feminism could not be reached for comment.


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