Planned Parenthood Abortion Services Remain Steady While Contraception And Prenatal Care Drops

"Business is good for the abortion conglomerate"

Feminists love to throw out the "but Planned Parenthood provides other valuable services" line when discussing the organization's lucrative war against the unborn in the practice of abortion.

It turns out, according to the organization's 2016-17 Annual Report, those "other services" have been steadily dropping since 2008 while their abortions remain stable, making it PP's most reliable revenue stream — other than the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars it receives from the government, of course.

"Despite the historic threat to our mission ….as we enter our 101st year, we are stronger and bolder than ever before," Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said in a recent message to supporters. Tragically, as the numbers indeed show, business is good for the abortion conglomerate.

As noted by LifeNews, Planned Parenthood's revenue has increased since 2009, from $1.1 billion to roughly $1.4 billion in 2017. That Planned Parenthood's overall services have decreased rather increased makes this all the more puzzling. LifeNews provides a summary of the report's findings:

In 2008, PPFA affiliates were seeing 3 million patients a year. Today, they see only 2.4 million—a huge drop of 20%.

PPFA’s highly publicized 'cancer screenings' fell by almost 2/3rds–from 1,830,811 in 2009 to just 660,777 in 2016.

What about contraception services? They dropped from 3,868,901 in 2009 to 2,701,866 in 2016—a 30% tumble.

How about their much vaunted (but barely existent) prenatal services? From 40,489 in 2009 to just 7,762 in 2016—a decline of more than 3/4s.

In light of this news, Planned Parenthood has only two steady incomes: abortion and the federal government's unholy contribution of over $500 million per year. Since 2008, the abortion giant has performed abortions in the neighborhood of 320,000 to 334,000 per year.

So why the revenue increase even in a down market? As noted by LifeNews, Planned Parenthood has either been "charging patients more for services, or closing underperforming clinics and firing unproductive managers." Also in 2017, PP saw a surge in private donations, including from Hollywood celebrities writing the organization hefty checks in Vice President Pence's name while lamenting the coming "Handmaid's Tale" that will descend upon us if we don't act.

"Private giving was $353.5 million in 2015," reports LifeNews. "A year later it had jumped to $445.8 million. In 2017 the figure had risen to $532.7 million."

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