Now That Pot Is Legal In California, Mike Tyson Will Open His Own Marijuana Farm

"Tyson Ranch"

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson is championing for marijuana. Now that the illicit drug has been declared legal in California, he will be opening his own farm.

According to Deadline, the "boxing icon and occasional actor broke ground last week to build a 40-acre marijuana farm" in the race to profit off the newly-enshrined law.

Called "Tyson Ranch," the facility sits just 60 miles southwest of Death Valley in the desert of California City. The Blast reports that 20 acres of the land will grow cannabis and "will allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment."

"An avid advocate of the medicinal and healing attributes of marijuana, Tyson’s farm will also have a Tyson Cultivation School which will teach growers the latest methods in cannabis production," reports Deadline. "Tyson Holistic will run the ranch and will focus on treatment for men and women who have suffered from psychological ailments during military service."

Tyson Holistic says the ranch will be comprised of mostly veterans. The facility will also be a resort, allowing for premium "glamping" on the campgrounds and cabins. Basically, a haven for stoners. It will also feature:

  • Hydro-feed plant and supply store
  • Extraction facility
  • Edible factory
  • Premium “glamping” campgrounds and cabins
  • Amphitheater

California legalized marijuana in 2016 with the passage of Prop. 64, making it the largest state in the Union to legalize the drug. It passed with 57% of the vote.

The federal government still regards marijuana as illegal. It may not be transported across state lines or on planes. Users also cannot smoke it in public or within 1,000 feet of a school or daycare center when children are present. Puffing and driving is also prohibited.

Stoners who are too stoned to get in their cars to go buy their ganja will also not have their pipe dreams of delivery by flashy drones fulfilled anytime soon.

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Nevada all allow for the sale of recreational marijuana.


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