BRUTAL CRACKDOWN: Iranian Government Arrests Hundreds; Death Toll Rises

The Islamic Republic of Iran is brutally cracking down on protestors who are calling for an end to the tyrannical Islamic government, which has reportedly arrested hundreds over the past few days while the death toll has topped twenty.

A news agency in Iran the Associated Press describes as "semi-official" claims that at least 450 people have been arrested in Tehran over the past three days, a figure reportedly provided by security deputy governor of Tehran Ali Asghar Nasserbakht.

The protests, which began on Thursday, initially focused on the country’s poor economy but quickly turned into a political demonstration against the government, with thousands of protestors calling for an end to the Islamic government and the death of the country’s top political leaders.

The death toll from the protests has now risen to at least 21, after 9 people were reported dead overnight by Iranian state television.

The situation is increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Al Jazeera reports that experts say the "demonstrations have escalated much faster than anticipated."

"It wasn't expected to be anything beyond the slogans against the administration and the president," said Negar Mortazavi, a journalist for Iran International. "But, it seems like the dissent within the Iranian population is so much deeper; that this has gone beyond the presidency and all the way up to the Supreme Leader [Ayatollah Ali Khamenei], which is very worrisome for all factions of the establishment."

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