WATCH: Cuomo Pushes Debunked Conspiracy Theory; Claims Senate Has NO Democrat Senators From Blue States

“You want to hurt New York?”

New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo pushed a conspiracy theory Thursday while appearing on CNN, insinuating that the tax bill was intentionally designed to hurt blue states before falsely claiming that the U.S. Senate had no senators from blue states.

Cuomo appeared on CNN's “New Day” with host Alisyn Camerota, where he indirectly argued that the federal government should subsidize the insanely high tax rates in blue states.

“This tax provision hits the blue states by eliminating the state and local tax deductibility and uses that money to finance the tax cut in the red states,” Cuomo complained.

Cuomo continued, stating that the removal of state and local tax deductions was the Republicans saying, “Let's pillage the blue to give to the red” — a statement that is not backed up by any facts.

“You want to hurt New York? You want to hurt California? They're the economic engines,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo continued to intentionally mislead viewers by peddling debunked Democrat talking points.

“They sold it as 'we're going to help the middle class,’” Cuomo said. “It wound up being a benefit for the rich and the rich corporations.” Even the left-leaning Brookings Institution shot down this notion:

Cuomo also falsely stated that the U.S. Senate has no Democratic senators from blue states, ignoring the obvious fact that both of New York’s senators — Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand — are Democrats from his own blue state.


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