Leftists Attack Ivanka Trump For Accidentally Sailing Her Boat Near A Confederate Flag


Ivanka Trump and her family are vacationing with the rest of the Trump clan in Palm Beach, Florida, and yesterday, the family of five took a jaunt out on a fishing boat so that Ivanka's young son could try his hand at the sport.

Apparently, the effort was successful (he caught a fish!), but when Ivanka boasted about her toddler's achievement on Twitter with a few pictures from the day out, eagle-eyed leftists noticed that Ivanka's boat had come around five hundred feet from another boat that just happened to be flying a Confederate flag.

Can you spot it? It's in the upper right hand corner of the second photo, far in the background, and, to repeat, it's on another boat. You almost need a magnifying glass. Okay, not "almost." We've added an arrow just in case you don't have one handy.

Now, clearly, Ivanka and her family merely wandered into the flag's vicinity. There is, most likely, nothing implied by the flag in the background, and they had no intention of accidentally showcasing a Confederate flag.

According to internet leftists, who apparently pore over all of Ivanka's family photos looking for signs of a secret Trump agenda, the flag was obviously intended as a racist dog whistle designed to subtly showcase her family's support for the actual Confederacy and possibly also Hitler. Outrage immediately ensued.

Left-leaning media breathlessly reported the story.

The horror! The horror.

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