OOPS: Twitter Reverses Itself, Calls Rosie's Obscene Tweets Against Shapiro Abusive, Requires Their Deletion

On Friday night, Twitter apparently reconsidered its position that Rosie O’Donnell’s sexually harassing tweets to Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro did not violate any of their abuse policies, and required O’Donnell to delete the tweets.

O’Donnell was not suspended for any duration on Twitter.

Twitter’s reversal followed hard on their original decision that her obscene tweets telling Shapiro to “suck my d***” and “lick me too” were not in fact abusive under their policies. O’Donnell had tweeted those messages at Shapiro after Shapiro called her out for violating federal law by offering bribes to sitting members of the United States Senate in an attempt to push them not to support President Trump’s tax reform package.

The Daily Wire has received a number of emails from people suspended by Twitter for language far less offensive than O’Donnell’s.


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