Alleged ISIS-Linked Terrorist 'Liked' ANTIFA Groups On Facebook

Terror suspect Everitt Aaron Jameson followed several Antifa and left-wing groups online.

A Facebook page that appears to belong to the alleged ISIS-inspired Islamic terrorist that California law enforcement officials arrested this week shows that he followed several groups affiliated with the radical leftist Antifa movement.

The Modesto Bee first identified the Facebook account that appears to belong to 26-year-old Everitt Aaron Jameson, who authorities charged with allegedly “providing ‘material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization’ between Oct. 24 and Dec. 20.”

The Modesto Bee linked to his Facebook page in their report at the bottom of a paragraph which, when clicked, goes to his account which Facebook appears to have taken down.

The Facebook URL that is linked to is: facebook.com/everittj — which The Daily Wire used to search online archives for records of what his page contained.

The following pages were liked by the account that appears to have belonged to Everitt Aaron Jameson:

Antifa fell under the national spotlight over the last year after a series of protests in which Antifa members resorted to violence in the name of opposing "fascism." The group repeatedly damaged property and attacked people that did not agree with them.

Other pages that were liked by the account include multiple progressive Democrat pages, Muslim pages, and an Islamic Caliphate page. He also followed two chapters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim advocacy group that has come under scrutiny for its response to radicalism in the past.

While "liking" a Facebook page does not indicate that a person has participated in that page's activities or necessarily affiliates with the organization, that Jameson liked several Antifa and far-left groups seems to indicate at minimum his interest in what those groups represent.



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