Jodie Foster: 'Pretty Much Every Man Over 30’ Responsible For Sexual Misconduct

"Lots of it is unconscious"

You would think that a woman who once posed smiling with an admitted sexual predator would be more circumspect about her comments on the subject of sexual predators, but apparently actress Jodie Foster didn't get the memo.

As the above photo shows, Foster had no qualms laughing it up over drinks with admitted sexual predator Roman Polanski, who anally raped a 13-year-old girl and fled the United States as a fugitive of justice. Here's another photo:

Also, here's her talking about her role in the movie "Carnage," directed by Roman Polanski in 2011:

Jodie Foster sure has a lot of respect for an admitted child rapist; bizarre, to say the least, considering her breakout role was playing a 12-year-old prostitute in Marin Scorcese's "Taxi Driver." A line uttered by actor Harvey Keitel in the film even refers to her character being anally penetrated, much like what Polanski did to that 13-year-old girl in the 70's.

Even more hypocritical is Jodie Foster's latest #MeToo contribution, alleging that "pretty much every man over 30" bears some responsibility for sexual harassment.

“It’s every industry,” the actress told USA Today Wednesday. “It’s not just one socioeconomic bracket or one complexion. Pretty much every man over 30 has to really look and start thinking about their part. And I guarantee, lots of it is unconscious. When you’ve been in a privileged position where you haven’t had to look at your part, you didn’t 100 percent understand you were in a bubble. It’s an interesting time for men."

Foster concluded her statement saying she looks forward to a “new millennial woman that knows that she can say no.” Does that also include saying no to act in films directed by child rapists?

“I think what most women want is just for it to stop,” she said. “They don’t really want to have a lawsuit, they don’t want to have to go on CBS ‘This Morning’ 400 times. They’d actually just like it to stop, and that’ll be the good part.”

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