Lawyer In Anti-Trump Dossier Lawsuit Says They've Identified Who Gave It To BuzzFeed News

"As it turns out, we WERE able to get the information we wanted from another source..."

An attorney for a Russian business executive who filed a lawsuit against BuzzFeed News in February said on Thursday that they have identified the person who gave the anti-Trump dossier to the left-leaning website.

The attorney representing Aleksej Gubarev, Val Gurvits, revealed that they recently discovered who gave BuzzFeed News the unverified anti-Trump dossier after a federal judge ruled that BuzzFeed News is a news organization and therefore qualifies for legal protection that prevents reporters from having to disclose their sources, CNN reported.

In an email to CNN, Gurvits wrote:

With respect to this ruling, what the Court really said here is that before BuzzFeed could be required to tell us its source, we had to try to get the information from other places. As it turns out, we WERE able to get the information we wanted from another source and were actually in the process of withdrawing our Motion when this decision [was] issued.

Also, it has been reported to us that BuzzFeed seems to be celebrating this ruling. I am not sure why BuzzFeed would be celebrating this ruling, when they know that we already obtained the information about how they got the Dossier from another source. And while I cannot as of yet reveal this information, it is certainly NOT something I would celebrate if I was BuzzFeed.

So unless BuzzFeed is celebrating their poor and unprofessional journalistic practices, I am really at a loss why they think this ruling is good news.

When revealed, the name of the person who gave BuzzFeed News the anti-Trump dossier — which was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) — could add intrigue in the Russia investigation.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that during Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s interrogation in front of congressional investigators, the embattled FBI agent was unable to confirm hardly any of the allegations made in the anti-Trump dossier.

"Investigators say McCabe recounted to the panel how hard the FBI had worked to verify the contents of the anti-Trump 'dossier' and stood by its credibility," James Rosen reported. "But when pressed to identify what in the salacious document the bureau had actually corroborated, the sources said, McCabe cited only the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow. Beyond that, investigators said, McCabe could not even say that the bureau had verified the dossier’s allegations about the specific meetings Page supposedly held in Moscow."

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