WATCH: Chris Matthews Baffled At 'Regular' Republicans Supporting Trump's Tax Cuts

"They’re still gonna vote for Trump."

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews proved once again why the mainstream media is out of touch with everyday Americans. On Wednesday, he bemoaned "regular" Republican voters who will support President Donald Trump no matter what. To gain clarity on the issue, he turned to Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), an opponent of the president.

Speaking to his "Hardball" panel, Matthews said, "Here’s a problem I have. I grew up with Republican parents, modern Republicans; they weren’t well off. They didn’t benefit from this Republican bounty for the rich."

Matthews continued, "Why do regular Republicans who are not rich, including the rural people who voted for Trump, cheering for a tax cut, which goes to people that they’ll never meet, maybe see in a movie or hear about on Wall Street."

After expressing his dismay at "regular" people and rural voters, Matthews repeated the debunked claim that the tax cuts only affect the top 1% of earners.

"They'll never meet these people, why do they say, 'great work, Donald Trump, keep giving money to the top 1% of 1%?'" he asked Bennet. "People I will never be invited to their homes, never meet them on the street because they’re not on the street? Why did they vote this way? Explain."

The left-leaning senator answered, "I'm not sure I can explain that. I can tell you that, consistent with your polling, the Republicans in Colorado, a lot of them hate this bill."

Matthews replied, "Yeah, but they’re still gonna vote for Trump."

Bennet emphasized, "Maybe not again, because what he’s saying completely conflicts with what he said on the campaign trail."

Watch the conversation below:

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